July 24, 2009

Cat Lady No. 202... More Garden Games

Winged Cat Zanna enjoys smelling the posies with Garden Fairy Lillilani. One of their favorite games to play is Hide and Seek among the fronds and foliage.

It seems that hide and seek and peek-a-boo are also popular games with mortal cats, based on some of the entries for the July Giveaway:

Cat Lady Angela reports: "Marina's favorite game is hide and seek. She will climb on top of the fridge. I will say boo then hide around a corner. She will try to stretch around to find me. Other times I will say boo then duck down in front of the fridge and she will stretch to find me."

PPB tell us: "Kitty Ollie Popoki likes to "hide" under a table which is covered with a cloth that falls to the floor. The only thing is, as long as her head is under the table, leaving her hind quarters or sometimes just her tail, she thinks she is out of sight. When we call her name, we can see her tail moving, which we believe is her sign of being proud of not being found!"

parrisreddog's entry: "My kitty's favorite game is a combination of hide n seek, and tag. He likes to hide somewhere, and wait for you (or our other cat) to come by and them he jumps out and attacks you! Then he runs! He will do this over and over in different places. Sometimes you expect it, but sometimes he scares you silly! Either way, it's so much fun to watch him having fun!"

It's not too late! There are six days left to enter the 365 Cat Ladies July Giveaway ! Visit the link and share your cat's favorite game and you'll be entered for a chance to win!

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