July 15, 2009

Cat Lady No. 194...Kitty Capers

Cat Fish Xanadu's favorite game is to pretend he is a sea serpent and to chase Cat Lady Mermaid Esmerima through the kelp forest and try to nip her tail fin.

Apparently, toe-nipping is a favorite pastime for mortal Cats and Cat Ladies and Lads, if the July Giveaway entries received so far are any indication.

Cat Lady Laura reports:
My youngest kitty, Newman, loves to play a foot game with his Daddy. He hides inside his favorite S-shaped lounger, and when Daddy comes out of the bathroom, Newman tries to grab his feet as he goes by. He only plays it with Daddy!

Cat Lady Rita Anne reports:
Far TOO many of our babies like the "Toe Attack Game". This game is best played when Mommy or Daddy are not quite awake in the early morning. The kitties wait for that moment when the human foot slides so temptingly under the sheets/covers. Those toes MUST be stopped! The plan of attack is there is none! Just GRAB that toe or toes with claws out, dig in, holding on for dear life and then BITE the big toe with every ounce of strength a kitty has! This is a REALLY fun game, but tragically doesn't last too long as human skin is way too thin and starts to bleed through the sheets. Bummer!

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