July 7, 2009

Cat Lady No. 186 and Cat Lad No. 187...Jungle Cats

Jungle cats Morrison, Inara, and baby Juno took time out from their "big game" hunt for this family portrait with Cat Lady Emily and her Feline Fella.

It turns out that the felines' "big game" is to hunt down any renegade catnip mouse that has the misfortune to make an appearance in the household and give it a good thrashing.

As Emily puts it: "They love those bright colored real-fur mice you get in packs and they fling them into the air to then catch and chase. It's hilarious! I constantly have to buy more because they destroy them from playing so hard."

Happy hunting, you fearless felines!


Amy Sisson said...

What a terrific portrait! I love the multicolored felines, and the appropriately placed mice!

I have to ask where the nama Inara comes from. Any chance it's from Firefly?

Emily and Holger said...

Yep. We love Firefly and it just suits her to a tee. She is such a princess. We love our portrait and just wanted to send out one more big THANKS!!!

Much love from Morrison, Inara, Juno, Holger, and Emily