July 2, 2009

Cat Lady No. 181...Rules about Feathered Friends

Cat Lady Robin and her Feline Friend Caspar are devoted bird watchers with a strict rule: LOOK BUT DON'T TASTE.

Casper understands that licking one's chops, and uttering silent meows in rapid succession are tolerated, but eating feathered friends is strictly prohibited.

A personal favorite of Robin and Caspar is the American Goldfinch. Robin thinks that there is nothing sweeter than a goldfinch's warbling. Caspar imagines that there is nothing sweeter than a goldfinch pie, but knows he will never find out for sure.

If you don't happen to have a flock of goldfinches in your own back yard, you can still listen to their sweet warbling at this wonderful website that has recorded dozens of bird songs: American Goldfinch Song and Sounds.

Your cat might enjoy having a listen too! Thanks for visiting!

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