June 22, 2009

Cat Lady No. 171...Can You Say "Cat Lady" In Portuguese?

Cat Lady Mariana reports that Brazilians "love cats too, but not as much as in the USA. People here usually prefer dogs".

So that is why Mariana and her catty co-editors Bigode, Penetrinha, and Barbarella are authors of a blog devoted entirely to everything feline. It is written in their native language, Portuguese, and is called Reino d'almofado, or "Kingdom of the Cushions" (It's no secret as to who rules the kingdom by the look of the profile picture)...

In Brazil, gatos drink their beverages in a slightly more sophisticated manner than their Norte-Americano friends, as demonstrated by Barbarella in this video: Barbarella bebendo agua

If you would like to read more of this charming and funny blog, but need to brush up on your Portuguese, there are several good translators available on line, such as Babel Fish.

Thanks for visiting!


Pat Ferret said...

Hi! Read about your work on Mariana's blog. Reino da Almofada is a wonderful blog indeed, and it's full of funny things that even someone who doesn't speak portuguese can understand and follow.

I absolutely LOVED your illustrations! But I just can't help feeling a little jealous of her... Would you accept the challenge of painting a crazy-cat-dog-ferret-lady? LOL

You can take a look at my fuzzies on my own blog, Fu├ža de ferret (Ferret's snout). It's not JUST about cats because I have to manage the overall jealousy of my zoo...


Congratulations, again, for the beautiful work!

Silvana said...

Reino d'Almofada is in my RSS feeds, I love it! I also follow Mariana's Tweeter, and discovered your work through her tweets. Your watercolors are very nice and the cats in them are so cute!

In Portuguese, "crazy cat lady" is "louca dos gatos" (as in Simpsons series' dubbing).