May 31, 2009

Cat Lady No. 149...In Memory of Samantha Jo

Cat Lady and Vet Tech Deb and her special needs adoptees Skagit, Puget, and Tigger are missing a very special friend. Fantastic Feline Samantha Jo came into Deb's life over 15 years ago and stole her heart. Here is her story:

"She was an awesome little love. Sam was the first cat that I had in my adult life and together we had many life adventures. She came to me as a rescue, found by a five-year-old child who was walking in the woods behind the family farm. I, who was unsure of whether or not, I wanted a cat, because I had a cockatiel at the time, went out to meet her.

"The family had her in a horse barn tucked in a rabbit hutch. For some odd reason, I opened the door, sat down, and called out her name...Sam. She came right to me and sat on my lap and immediately purred. She captured my heart with her big green eyes and the copper spot on the top of her head, which through time, affectionately became known as her 'kissing spot.'

"She adored anything with strings, loved white frosted raspberry filled donuts, and snuggled every night on my lap. The best time of our day was belly massage time.

"Here's to all the wonderful adventures together--I couldn't have had a better friend!"

Samantha Jo
August 11, 1994 - April 23, 2009

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