May 21, 2009

Cat Lady 139...Cat and Mouse

Cat Lady Rita knows better than to leave the triplets--Salsa, Taquito, and Margarita--unattended with her computer.

They already spend way too much time jumping around at the cursor every time Rita moves the mouse, and it's just a matter of time before they make the connection and figure out how to work the mouse ... Then before she knows it, the triplets will be demanding to Twitter or to be stars of their own blog.

Case in point: Janet Cox, web-savvy feline.

Janet resides with cat-slave and British writer Tom Cox, author of "Under The Paw". Janet has his own page on Facebook (yes, Janet is a he) with over 2600 friends. Janet recently interviewed another feline web sensation, Sockington the cat, who has 522,668 followers on Twitter. Read this fascinating interview and see pictures at:

Sockington Interview

Cat Ladies and Lads, consider yourself warned. Keep that mouse under lock and key when the kitties are unattended.

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