April 19, 2009

Cat Lady No. 108...Are You Green? Take the Quizzes!

Cat Lady Delta has made many new friends during her first year at college, but she looks forward every weekend to going home and getting a hug from Best Friend Mr. Muggles.

This weekend, Delta and Mr. Muggles spent some time taking some fun quizzes in honor of Earth Day.

Delta took the "How Green is Your Dorm Room?" quiz and found out it needs some work. Like using a portable fan instead of a portable air conditioner. And using a compact fluorescent lamp instead of an incandescent lamp.

She helped Mr. Muggles take the "How Green is Your Seafood?" quiz and found out they have some work to do there too.

Some more fun quizzes include:
How Green is Your Laundry?
How Green is Your Love Life?
How Green is Your Bathroom?
and the always popular How Green Is Your Pirate Ship?


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