April 13, 2009

Cat Lady No. 102...Pesky Pests No More

Cat Lady Kara often enjoys spending quality time in her flower garden with tabby cat Daisy Mae and her adorable kitten Abner.

Sometimes Kara finds pesky bugs and weeds in the garden, but you won't find any pesticides or herbicides nearby. Here are 10 reasons why, as provided by the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides:

1. Pesticides rarely solve pest problems, they only delay them temporarily
2. They are hazardous to human health (ever read the warning labels?)
3. They cause special problems for children, whose growing and developing bodies can be particularly vulnerable.
4. Pesticides often contaminate our fruits and vegetables.

5. Pesticides are hazardous to farmers and farmworkers who have prolonged exposure to the toxins.
6. Pesticides are hazardous to your cats and kittens, not to mention other pets.
7. Pesticides "travel" and easily find their way into our water and air.
8. Pesticides are hazardous to fish and birds in the wild, who are particularly sensitive to toxins.
9. Pesticide safety-testing is often sponsored or conducted by the same corporations that profit from their use.
10. Pesticides are known poisons to many life forms! Yet the manufacturers have a lot of "trade secrets" that the public does not have access to.

Earth Day is almost here. Ready to go organic? Here is a link to useful fact sheets with very effective and non-toxic ways to deal with a multitude of bugs and weeds, without using pesticides:

Pesticide Alternatives

Your kitten will thank you.

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justdoodleit said...

Flowers are a nice contrast to the dark feline stripes!