April 6, 2009

Cat Lady and Lad Nos. 95 & 96...Furry Friends Staff

Cat Lady Bambi and Feline Fella Randy feel fortunate to have such a friendly and helpful staff, pictured at right: Mini Moo, Taz, Kelso, and Savannah Jane.

Together, they are the design team behind Cat Glass Fever, featuring beautiful and one-of-a-kind lamp glass beads created by Randy, which are then fashioned into beautiful necklaces and earrings by the team. They've also added a line of fashionable belts to complete your ensemble.

Bambi is also owner of Furry Friends Pet Sitting Service in Raleigh, North Carolina..a veterinarian-recommended, bonded and insured pet-sitting service.

Visit their websites to learn more about this Fabulous Feline Family and all of their enterprising adventures:

Cat Glass Fever
Furry Friends Pet Sitting Service

And if you'd like to see a melt-your-heart baby picture of Kelso, click here: kitten kelso

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