April 24, 2009

Cat Lady 113...Tree Huggers

In honor of Arbor Day today, Cat Lady Darla and her feline friends Bob and Lou not only hugged a tree, they climbed up into it and enjoyed a little bird watching beneath the leafy canopy.

Bob had flashbacks to kittenhood and the first time he climbed a tree...the fear of going down, the urge to keep going up, the two cold and lonely nights in the tippy top of the tree before the firemen came with the ladder. Bob shuddered a little and was quite content to stay on the lower branches with Darla and Lou and count the robins from there...

To find out more about Arbor Day and why trees are important to cat ladies, cats, and every other breathing creature on the planet, please visit this site:

The Arbor Day Foundation

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1 comment:

missbreezysbox said...

I wish I was a cat. They have no fear climbing the tree initially. Great picture.