March 13, 2009

Cat Lady No. 72...Achoo!

The true measure of a Cat Lady's devotion lies in an unwavering willingness to endure sneezing, wheezing sniffling, itching and watery eyes in order to enjoy the company of her favorite pets.

Vicki B. is just such a feline fanatic. After her last kitty passed away, she thought perhaps she should give up her feline habit after years of enduring cat allergies.

But how could she resist a dashing gray charmer who hinted of Russian Blue ancestry and exhibited a talent for suddenly and effortlessly leaping straight up into the air? After springing him from the animal shelter, Vickie and her husband Brett named the fleet-of-foot-feline "Misha"after Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Willa also proved to be irresistible and was adopted from Independent Animal Rescue
(, which recently won the "America's
Favorite Animal Shelter" contest ( Willa and Misha love their giant cat tree/playhouse in the kitchen, which was custom-built by Brett; they are also fans of tuna, a feather toy called "Da Bird", and a loving Cat Lady who has invested heavily in antihistamines and air filters!

If you would like to see a fun step-by-step tutorial that shows how this custom portrait was created, please visit "How To Paint A Cat Lady".

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