March 11, 2009

Cat Lady No. 70...They're Grrrrreat!

Tabby Cat Fanatic Brianna enjoys a quiet moment with Tony Tiger, her pride and joy. Tony's pride and joy is his amazing fur coat which he will promptly begin disposing of on the first day of Spring. Over the ensuing months, Brianna will vacuum up enough fur to assemble several entire new cats if she chose to, and Tony will become noticeably slimmer in profile.

Tony does not know that Brianna named him after the mascot of her favorite childhood breakfast cereal. Back then, they were known as "Sugar Frosted Flakes". She doesn't remember exactly when they took the word "sugar" out of the name but she still always refers to them as "Sugar-Frosted-Flakes" as if it was all one word. Childhood habits sometimes die hard.

Tony's childhood habit of chasing his tail is what he can't leave behind. The sight is enough to make you laugh so hard that milk might come spilling out of your nose while you're eating your Sugar Frosted Flakes...

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