February 26, 2009

Cat Lady No. 57...Fun and Games

When Cat Lady Sandy discovered a small and hungry cat on her doorstep, she fell in love and offered the little foundling a warm place to sleep, food, medical care and spaying, and the name Cricket.

According to Sandy, Cricket's favorite pastimes include:

"One day I was watching a boring movie on DVD with 2 friends and the door was open a bit so Cricket could go in and out without bothering anyone. Well, she did go out and brought in her find, a little mouse." After guests captured the little gift and put it outside, it was no time at all before Cricket brought in another furry gift, then another, then another...

The trick is to wait until no one is looking, grab a strip, then run as fast as you can without tripping on it!

Flashlights are not just for looking in dark places. They create magical skittering creatures called "beams" that are so much fun to chase when they go around and around in circles.

Sandy and Cricket have a talented niece who makes quilts that are auctioned off and the proceeds to go Breast Cancer Research. Here is a wonderful website that will tell you more: QUILT FOR A CAUSE

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Calling All Cat Ladies! Don't forget to enter to win a free Cat Lady tote bag!! Contest ends February 28. Details are in this post: CONTEST TIME!

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