February 19, 2009

Cat Lady No. 50...Knitting and Pearl

Cat Lady and long-time knitting enthusiast Pearl is starting her 5oth sweater to date, with the help of Stitches, her ginger tabby yarn wrangler. This sweater will be for her sixth grandchild, due in May. The other five grandchildren each have 6 hand-knit sweaters, not to mention hats, socks, scarves, and the occasional slipper booties.

Yesterday Pearl and Stitches enjoyed a visit from Granddaughter No. 3 and Pearl was delighted to give her a knitting lesson. They chose pastels: pink and lavender and sky blue from leftover skeins of yarn, and began knitting a scarf.

Stitches was very helpful and chose a ball of ginger peach (her favorite color...) to use for the fringe.

If you would like a lesson in knitting for beginners, visit this link:

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