February 13, 2009

Cat Lady No. 44...Nothing Up My Sleeve

Alaskan Cat Lady Donna is mystified by the mysterious slight-of-paw magic trick that Quincy the Ragdoll rascal sometimes performs:

"He has a treat - a spoonful of Fancy Feast - each morning and evening and he sometimes leaves a bit in the dish. I scoop those remains into a little mound to make it easier for him if he wants it later. Sometimes he comes back and finishes it -- but other times he leaves a definite message: Somehow he fills the food dish half-way with water from his bowl!

"I do not know how he does it. There is never any spill onto the mat or the tray beneath the treat dish or the water bowl. But the message is just so clear. . . 'I SAID I was finished.' "

When not performing mysterious games with his food, Quincy also amuses himself by playing hide and seek behind the shower curtain and by watching the chickadees outside the window. "How can people not have a cat?" Donna wonders. "What a joy Quincy has been to me for almost nine years."

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And don't forget to help Quincy count chickadees today as part of the Great Backyard Bird Count!

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