February 11, 2009

Cat Lady No. 42...Secret Admirer

Cat Lady Jimena just received a Valentine from a secret admirer. Feline Friend Fernanda knows it's from the cute bicycle repair man down the street, but she's going to keep it a secret for now, and let Jimena guess who it's from.

Fernanda knows that once Jimena falls in love, there will be big changes in store: time spent whiling away the hours with a raggedy catnip mouse awaiting Jimena's return from that long bicycle ride, tummy growling for tuna awaiting Jimena's return from some giggle-filled evening at a seafood restaurant, and (it's almost too horrible to even consider) what if he has the audacity to be allergic to felines! She shudders at the thought...

So she will bask in Jimena's adoration just a few days more if possible and purr just a bit longer and louder to make sure that Jimena knows who the real sweetheart is.

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