February 2, 2009

Cat Lady No. 33...Happy Whistle Pig Day

Like any good Party Animals, Cat Lady Janelle and her sidekicks Dapper Dan and Dame Dora will kick up their heels and bask in confetti at the drop of a party hat.

Groundhog Day is just such an occasion. Dan and Dora have spruced up their tuxes, and Janelle has the confetti and noisemakers at the ready. Soon they will be decorating the Woodchuck Tree and singing Whistle Pig carols and sipping 'hognog.

The best part, though, is the exchanging of the Groundhog Day gifts. Dapper Dan and Dame Dora always ask the Great Groundhog for rodents under the tree, but usually get catnip toys instead. This year Janelle will be especially surprised with her gift... a little something that Dan and Dora caught just this morning...right before they saw their shadows!

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High On Craft said...

Dear Janelle,
You're quite fortunate to have such festive cats! Remember, when you receive you gift from them that it's the thought that counts!