January 27, 2009

Cat Lady No. 27...Cat Waltzing Society

Cat Lady Rhonda and dance partner Mr. Jeepers are great fans of the latest rage at the ballroom: Cat Waltzing. Like other enthusiasts, they simply cannot resist sashaying around the living room in 3/4 time whenever they hear the opening chords of a waltz.

Mr Jeepers' favorite waltz tune is The Waltzing Cat by Leroy Anderson. Many people don't know that there are lyrics to this waltz, written in 1950 by Mitchell Parish:

There once was a tomcat, a wonderful tomcat,
who had all the usual faults,
But this cat was different, what made him so different
was his inclination to waltz.
Each night this feline Sir to his lady fair would purr:
I love to waltz (meow)
On a night like this with stars in the skies,
Come, let us waltz (meow)
While I look into your lovely green eyes.
I never knew what a little waltz could do,
Till the night I danced with you,
Lightly as a feather, let us pussy foot together,
I'd love to spend (meow) all my nine lives just waltzing with you.

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1 comment:

High On Craft said...

Dear Rhonda,
I'm afraid if I picked up either one of my cats to waltz they would protest vehemently by digging their back claws into my belly. This would of course be followed by several days of aloofness. (more so than usual)
I think it is wonderful to have such a willing and talented partner when the desire to waltz arises.