January 17, 2009

Cat Lady No. 17...Teacher's Pet

After graduating from Michigan State University, Cat Lady Dayna spent the entire summer looking for a teaching job. Finally, just weeks before fall, she got a great job (which she still has!).

Most of her friends were buying Monte Carlos or going crazy with clothes with their first pay checks...But all Dayna wanted was a cat. Her Mom wouldn't let her have one growing up, so on the very same day that she got her first pay check, she went to a shelter and picked out a little gray and white cat. She and hubby Robert named him Mercury because he was the same color as their car (a Mercury sedan).

Mercury was convinced he was a dog...Always loyal, he would come when called and he loved to cuddle. And every very night he faithfully watched over the kids as they slept.

Mercury was a beloved member of his family for 13 years and will always be remembered with great fondness and love...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! This was such a neat surprise (for my birthday, when I received the picture) and then again when Rob sent me the link to the blog. You do very nice work!