March 12, 2013

Signs of Spring...



                                            Baseball Practice

And Bunnies!
New Bunny Sachets available at

I am swimming in the sweet scent of lavender because I just finished sewing up a batch of new bunny sachet-ornaments for Spring! They come with your choice of a white rabbit, a brown cottontail, or a black and white Dutch bunny. 

They are 3-1/2" square and may be used as a spring ornament, to freshen a drawer, as a tie-on to decorate a gift or Easter basket, or you may tuck it into your pillow at night to promote sweet dreams!

  "According to folk wisdom, lavender's aroma aids sleep and relaxation, repels insects, and will freshen your linens and dainties in a closet or drawer."

Would you rather make your own sachet/ ornaments?  You are in luck!  I'm also selling fabric squares in my Etsy shop for crafters and quilters.  Right now I have the 4" blocks, but I will soon be adding some 6" blocks too!

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