March 30, 2011

More Bunny Haiku and a New Rabbit Mom Tableau For Inspiration

Still waiting for inspiration to strike before diving into the fun-filled world of Bunny Haiku? Here is a brand new mini diorama/shrine that I just finished, celebrating Spring and Motherhood. Perhaps it will get the creative juices flowing!

Thank you to everyone so far who has helped to celebrate the beginning of Spring by writing bunny haiku! So far there have been 25+ entries both here and on an identical post at The Hive, which means I will be donating at least $25 to the Red Cross for disaster relief ($1 for each haiku submitted; each person may submit up to 3 haiku).

We've had some seasoned haiku writers contributing their little gems. Haiku has different forms, some a little more complex. Here is a beautiful example from Cat Lady Lulu of My Pink Turtle:

White bunny
in white snow
Orange dream
of carrot growing
Brown dream
of chocolate melting

Here is an intriguing one from the viewpoint of a bobcat in captivity, written by artist Robert Sloan who says "it came to mind because I've been watching Skip the Bobcat at Big Cat Rescue. BCR rehabilitates many bobcats, but poor Skip will be eating ground food all his life because his hips are too narrow to pass it if he eats live prey. So he never can go back to the wild.

Title: Prey

I dream of rabbits
while I eat soft mush inside
my Big Cat Rescue cage.

And here is one by dt.haase who writes haiku on a regular basis. You can read all of his collected haiku here for more inspiration: poetic lines

the steel tin of life
behold imagination
warren of wonder

There is one day left to join in the fun and try your hand at writing your own haiku --one name will be drawn at random to win one of my new "Desktop Dioramas" (winner's choice). To read all of the other entries and to add your own, visit the original blog post : Bunny Haiku...A Spring Giveaway!

Thanks for participating!
Now available in my Etsy Shop: Bunny Mom Desktop Diorama


MyPinkTurtle said...

Thanks so much for featuring my little haiku peom ... In Spring, bunnies, carrots and chocolate go so well together ;-)

Susan Faye said...

...I totally agree, especially that chocolate part. Biting the ears off of a chocolate bunny is very satisfying and a beloved ritual of Spring.

Jack Foster said...

Great stuff!

dthaase said...

thanks Susan...what a fun post - love the new diorama!

curator said...

Oh, I LOVE your diorama! I wish I'd been paying attention earlier because I love to try haiku.

Gio said...

Oh, I just find your blog, start to see all your posts!

This diorama is wonderful, so inspirational!

Susan Faye said...

Curator-- it's not too late! You can submit entries until 7 pm. (PST) tonight!

Saskia said...

Lovely, lovely work!!!!

Me salen alas (si me paras los pies...) said...

Your site it´s gorgeus. I like the colors.its very creative....
I know your blog today, its very creative. I like so much....
I go on around here a litle bit more ;D
Kisses from Madrid♥ ♥ ♥ ♥