March 17, 2013

Quilting Cats and Bunnies

Calling all crafty cat ladies and bunny babes! I've recently added a few more fabric craft square/ quilt blocks to my collection including this guy, in both a large and small size:

And...I'm very excited to have received my first snapshots of a work-in-progress by Cat Lady Rosie! Aren't these beautiful?  I love the colors she has chosen!

 ...and I can't wait to see them all put together into a quilt! Stay tuned... she will be sending more updates.

The animal rescue that Rosie works with is called Charm City Animal Rescue ( Currently, she is fostering a gray and white long haired kitty named Avalon..."He is such a diva!!" she says.

Many cat ladies have written to say that they are using the squares to make quilts that they will donate to fundraising raffles or auctions for pet causes.  Isn't that a great idea?  Other ideas for the fabric squares include: appliques, patches,  pockets, a baby or child's quilt, an herbal dream pillow, a cat bed, or a wall hanging.  Any other bright ideas? Share them in the comments section... 

  If you are working on a project using my fabric squares, please send pics-- I'd love to share your crafty creations!!

Here are the new bunny squares in the 4" size; they will soon be available in the 6" size

Click here to see all of the quilt blocks currently available: 
 Susan Faye Fabric Craft Squares/ Quilt Blocks

Happy Crafting and Quilting!
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