March 18, 2013

What's Cookin' At World Headquarters...Work in Progress

I think that by now most of you have met my studio assistant Mz. Buttonwillow and junior assistant Inka

Recently they came to me to lodge a formal complaint.  They said they were hopelessly bored with the vast collection of playthings in the employee break room.  They said it was time for the staff, perhaps even the entire world, to have a new and improved cat toy.

"What kind of new cat toy?" I asked.

"Bigger," said Buttonwillow.  "Fatter," said Inka.

"Shaped like a rodent," said Buttonwillow. 

 "A big, fat rodent." said Inka.

"What else?" I asked.

"Lots of catnip in each one, you know, the GOOD 'nip."

"And a squiggly, wiggly tail."

"And colors. SNAZZY colors!" 

So I took their suggestions to the drawing board:

The staff agreed that it met the big, fat, and rodent requirements.

Then I did some serious doodling

"How am I doing?" I asked the staff.
"We'll let you know when we see the colors," said Buttonwillow."Remember to make them SNAZZY."

"YEAH!" said Inka. "Pssst- what does snazzy mean?"

to be continued...

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