October 25, 2009

Cat Lady 294...Raindrops and Kitten

It's raining and Cat Lady Freda and Kitten Clooney are thrilled--Freda because she's been wanting to try out her brand new umbrella, and Clooney because he gets to snuggle up with Freda.

It's also been raining comments on the 365 Cat Ladies October Giveaway post, and Freda and Clooney are amazed at just how many cats have been entering the giveaway by naming their favorite cat shelter or rescue organization...

Kaze, Latte and Chase said: Darn it Skeezix beat us to our favorite rescue- Siamese Cat Rescue in VA. However, we will then put up in the running Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue because they are awesome too!!

Da Fambly Kitties wrote: We support the Chippewa County Animal Shelter. I am furry proud to say that we are one of only a few county run shelters that are a no-kill shelter that uses foster homes for momma cats and their babies and have 100s of volunteers that walk dogs, groom cats, play with kittens, you name it - they do it.

Morgan the Pirate Gato commented: Our favorite rescue is Save A Sato. Although they do a lot of doggy rescues - they really do a TON of Kitty rescues! They are located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I was born with Diabetes and Cat-A-Racts - and I now live the life of a spoiled Pirate in Bethel, CT. My cousin Montoya was born blind, and thanks to Mom he now lives a spoiled life in Calgary, Canada. Mom did a fund raiser with Catster Moms and they bought some new kennels for the shelter. She and Aunt Tracey have been helping to do fund raising to get the shelter re-done little by little. They had old wood cages with bugs living underneath, and many rusty ones too. We love your portraits, and the Interview on the Catster Blog was PAWSOME!

To date there are 47 comments which means $47.00 will be donated to the Oregon Humane Society plus each commenter is entered into a drawing to win a gift certificate. There is less than a week to enter, so if you haven't already, visit this link:
Gift Certificate Giveaway . Thanks for participating!

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Loni Edwards said...

I love the purples in this! Beautiful!