June 6, 2013

I'm Back! And Playing Catch-up!

Did you ever feel that you needed a vacation to recover from a vacation? 

Last month I took a cross-country trip to Alabama and back with my girlfriend Anne.  It was quite an adventure as we spent many 10-hour days on the road, did a lot of "picking" for antiques and treasures along the way, stayed at her dad's ranch where I saw my very first cardinal, my very first fireflies, and my very first sassafras tree, experienced Nashville, dodged a tornado or two on the way back to Southern California, then flew home to Oregon with a pesky head cold.  Whew!  

I was giddy as a schoolgirl to see a cardinal for the very first time...

Not only did I see a Sassafras tree for the first time, I also TASTED one for the first time.  Yummy!

I've been back for almost two weeks and laying low a bit while playing catch-up.  I'm happy to report the cold is long gone and things at Susan Faye World Headquarters are back in full swing.  With the help of my son Chris (and Buttonwillow and Inka), we are back into high production mode on the Kickstarter Snazzy Rat Catnip toys and the next batch of reward packages are ready to go out in the mail today and tomorrow. 

That means that close to 2/3 of the rewards are finished, with just one more batch to go!  I'm already receiving photos of many happy Kitty Dearests with their new Snazzy Rats, and I'll be setting up a gallery here on my blog and on my Facebook page very shortly.  Please keep sending in photos-- you can post them directly on my Facebook page or send them via email.

I'll also be posting more of my road trip photos sooon, so stay tuned!

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