April 5, 2013

New Snazzy Rat Joins the Line-up

You voted and "Peace 'Nip" was the winner by a landslide.  I've added this design to the original four Snazzy Rat designs in my Kickstarter Project thanks to all of my wonderful backers... Because we hit the $900 mark Wednesday night, I will have the "seed money" to print up and produce this new design.

If you haven't already, make your pledge today to pre-order the Snazzy Rats of your choice.  You'll get to pick out the designs you'd like to own when the Kickstarter campaign ends on April 23. 
artwork copyright 2013 Susan Faye
Our next stretch goal = $1200 = 1 more new design to choose from! Help me reach this goal by sharing my Kickstarter project with all of your favorite crazy cat ladies and cat guys on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Here is the link:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/susanfaye/oh-rats-snazzy-artisanal-catnip-toys-to-drive-your

Thanks for supporting my creative endeavors... it means a lot to me!

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