February 7, 2012

The Battle of the [Buttonwillow] Bulge

Last week I realized that my Studio Assistant Buttonwillow was overdue for a check-up. We found a very nice veterinary clinic in our new town called Third Street Veterinary Hospital with a very nice staff and a very nice veterinarian named Dr. Stan Wood, who examined my little fluff monster. The good doctor must be something of a snake charmer, because my little darling did not growl, hiss, squirm, nor did she bare her razor sharp teeth or claws once. It was nothing short of a miracle.

And here is the prognosis:

Buttonwillow is fat.

To the tune of four pounds too fat. The doctor has placed her on a VERY strict diet.
Here is her reaction to the situation. I've translated it into English for you:

Apparently the Good Doctor has not seen my Physical Phitness Tutorial where I so adeptly prove that I can touch my toes. Can
you touch your toes?

Here is the scoop for measuring out my meals.
Wait---did you say
meal? I could've sworn you said meal instead of meals.
You need to enunciate better.

You've got to be kidding.
One scoop-full is supposed to last for a whole day?! Excuse me while I go call the ASPCA

Here, let me give you a little better perspective on this insanity. I will place my dainty little paw on the scoop so you can see just how tiny this scoop is. It's so small, I can't even fit my dainty little paw inside.

And let me just point out that I'm not the one around here who eats doughnuts like they are going out of style. You'll notice that this box of Voodoo Doughnuts is completely empty. They didn't even leave me a crumb. I'm getting a little steamed.

What? You say I look like I'm possessed?
Well, maybe it's the fact that I'm sitting in an empty pink doughnut box that says VOODOO on it...

...Or maybe, just maybe, it's the fact that I am

Please leave your diet tips for Buttonwillow in the comments section of this post. They will be greatly appreciated.


Deb said...

Sometimes I find the vets go over-board with this dieting thing. I know that a fat cat is an un-healthy cat but just like we humans, you have to go slow with dieting. I think it's unfair that they just cut their food intake so drastically that the cat is always hungry. That, too, can cause health and behavioral issues. Deb

Susan Faye said...

Thanks, Deb. Buttonwillow and I agree. I am cutting her back quite a bit, but it is a gradual reduction... She's cranky enough as it is.

Katnip said...

Don't forget the Playing.Exercise will help,Mine had to lose 4 pounds and i found that playing helped.

Mary Pat Alexander said...

Lil Girl's theory is that if you play lots you can eat lots. She likes the play idea! >^..^<

mia piazza said...

please check out www.catinfo.org. Since losing beloved Birie to kitty chrohn's, I share this with other cat lovers. Who knew dry food is so bad for them. Either dry/wet, gotta feed on schedule and try to ignore the looks! Hard at first, but worth having them around for healthy life.
Best regards,
Mia Piazza

TLN said...

Poor Buttonwillow! I agree with Deb. Cut back gradually. We also found (Oli is a little too plump as well) that the sort of wobbly toys which slowly dispense the food helped him to not notice the cutbacks and have a little fun at the same time.

Spunky Doodle said...

I know how you feel because something similar happened to me too. I used to be able to eat all day long whenever I wanted but the vet said I was a "Chunky monkey" and told my mom to just give me two meals a day. Not much fits inside that tiny kong toy I have but she only fills it up twice for breakfast and twice for supper. I must say though, that I lost the extra weight and am a healthy 10 lbs. now and do more running and jumping again. My jumping height has improved since I lost the weight.

Catherine said...

Poor kitty having to be on a diet!!! Banjo feels your pain. But going from a 30lb kitty to a 18lb kitty has helped him be healthier and given him much more energy. He gets 1/8 of a cup of food 4 times a day in an automated feeder. As the time approaches for his next meal to open up, he sits and stares at it like it's going to be his last meal. LOL!

Good luck sweet Buttonwillow!
xo Catherine & Banjo

Susan Faye said...

Thanks everybody, for your help and support! I do want Buttonwillow to be healthy and happy and shedding a few pounds is a good idea for her. Mia- thanks for the link and info--I've known that dry food was not the best source of nutrition and could cause problems, but didn't know exactly why--there is lots of good information there. Unfortunately Bwillow absolutely refuses to eat canned food, I've tried every kind. I guess I'll keep trying...

Cynthia Stockdon said...

Buttonwillow, you are a beautiful cat full of personality. You can do this, it might be hard at first, but stick with it. Good Luck!

Hannalei said...

Oh my gosh .. Vodoo and Momma didn't share. when we go up to P-town that is a must. I'll have to sneak one to you. You're not fat.. you're fluffy! : )

teaberry said...

Buttonwillow, just take your vet a photo of Melon, the plus-sized feline supermodel. Your vet will be so relieved he'll recommend treats for you. (Yes, Melon is also on a diet and also NOT happy.)