September 16, 2010

Party Animal Turns Six!

Skeezix Glass will tell you that the color pink and getting cool birthday presents are two of his favorite things, but when you get right down to it, there's nothing better than friends and family who love you.

For example, there are friends like Katie Tulip, Shabby, and Angel Kalin who commissioned this brand new Skeezix family portrait as a gift to commemorate Skeezix's sixth birthday today!

Then there are family members like Rocky the Gutter Cat (Rocky's Ramblings), Tripper (Life's a Trip!), and big brother Mao (Mao's Mews). Best of all are the Food Lady (The Cat's Meow) and Mr. Tasty Face. Mr. Tasty Face doesn't seem to have his own blog, but he gets an occasional starring role in each one, plus he has the tastiest face in town, so that's okay.

To find out more about how Skeezix is spending his Big Day with friends and family, click here: Happy Berthday... to ME!


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