July 25, 2010

Remembering Old Friends--Part 4

Meet "The Fellas", two lucky pups rescued by Dog Lover Barbara--health care nurse by day and guardian angel to canine cuties by night...

Barbara told me about her guys in a letter written soon after this portrait was painted:

"Ozzi, the fella on the left, was originally found wandering the streets. He was a rescue dog I fostered for about half an hour before deciding he wasn’t going anywhere.

"He got his name because he was the companion, at that time, to my 16-year-old poodle named Toto. I wanted to keep the Wizard of Oz theme, plus I’ve always been an Ozzy Osbourne fan. I’m guessing he’s a long hair Chihuahua and Tibetan spaniel mix, mainly based on people’s reactions to his looks. He’s such a funny little guy, he bounces all the time. He loves to be laughed at, he learned long ago if he does his hoppy, bouncy thing, he gets loads of attention.

"Tippy on the right is a rescued Lhaso Apso who was surrendered at the young age of 2 for biting. His name was Tippy when I adopted him, and I’ve always guessed he was named that because he loves to walk on his ‘tippy toes’ ... He is very affectionate, but also a reliable guard dog. I adopted him, not knowing how much I would learn as we got to know each other. About a year and a half ago he became paralyzed when he jumped off a piece of furniture. He had surgery, and now is able to walk and run and has even started swimming as part of his on-going exercise."

"Together they are just too cute! They attract many comments when we’re out in public together. Great ice breakers! They get along well with Tippy the younger one allowing Oz to be ‘the boss’."

Sadly, Barbara and Tippy had to say goodbye to Ozzi several weeks ago on July 5.

Barabara writes: "It’s been hard, but your portrait will always be a wonderful reminder of him. I look at the portrait that you created and I see so much of his personality in it. It is a lovely memorial to him. I have since adopted a little poodle/Pomeranian mix named Chloe. It doesn’t make me miss Oz any less, but it does help Tip. Dogs get so lonely when their companions pass away--they just don’t understand."

Barbara--Our hearts go out to you and Tippy. Ozzi was one lucky pup to find such a loving home, and now Chloe is too!

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Cindy Deems said...

I am a friend of Barbara, Tippy and our dear departed Ozzi. They would come to visit me on a regular basis, and it always made my day.
It is sad when they pass, but better they are in a more perfect place.
I have yet to meet Chloe, but I am looking very forward to it.
You're the best , Barbara....