May 6, 2010

Nine out of 10 Vets Agree: It's Smart to Smile!

Canine cutie Jango is all smiles. So is Dog Devotee Candace, who recently celebrated the big four-O!

Friend Miki tells us: "I remember Candace never thinking of herself as a 'doggie mom' but that quickly changed when they got Jango.
Candace and her family love the outdoors. They take Jango hiking and camping all the time.

"Jango is a yellow lab who actually smiles when you greet him. He looks like he's growling since he scrunches up his nose and shows his teeth, but his tail wags like crazy when he smiles!

"The vet told Candace that when dogs smile like that, it's a sign of intelligence."

I'm sure Jango will join us in sending Candace belated birthday wishes for a happy and exciting year ahead. Let's all show some teeth!

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Miki said...

Your work is AMAZING Susan! Candace loved her custom portrait! Thank you for offering such a beautiful, custom item because it's such a wonderful gift!

Susan Faye said...

Thanks Miki! So glad Candace enjoyed her portrait. I have the best customers in the whole world!