March 2, 2010

Thanks for Your Input! We Have Winners!

It turns out that "fanciful" edged out "fur-real" in public opinion, but not by much! Because there was a positive response to BOTH styles, I'm proceeding with production on both.

THANK YOU to everyone for your great feedback and ideas on my new lavender sachet prototypes. I love all of the creative input! I have selected 6 names at random and each will receive one of the prototypes. Congratulations to Cat Ladies Anne S, Judy B, Linda L, Ann N, Alison R, and Amy S. I've sent notification to each of you and you should receive your sachet within a week or so...

[Alison had a good point for those of us with naughty kitties--the little gold charm could pose a choking hazard to mischievous cats (and small children for that matter) that might mistake these for toys, so I've decided to add a little warning in with each one. Down the road, I have plans to make actual cat toys, but they will not have any dangerous dangles...]

Thanks for participating!

Didn't win? Don't feel bad. I've just finished the first "fur real" batch of this design featuring terrific tabby Tina and her kitten Tiny Tim. As a thank you to readers, I'm offering them at a special introductory price of $6.00 each for THREE days only- today, Wed. and Thurs. (regular price will be $8.50).

Each sachet is 5" tall and generously filled with high quality lavender buds. I'll be making them in small batches and will add more as needed. They are available in my Etsy shop at this link:
Tina Tabby Sachet

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Linda Ledbetter said...

I'm thrilled to have won! Thank you so much!!!