March 13, 2010


Welcome to the newest members of the Card-Carrying Crazy Cat Lady Club!

Our newest members come to us from far and wide, including our first international members! Cat Lady Anne (pictured here with Picasso) and Cat Lady Lotta join us from Finland. You may remember Anne as Cat Lady No. 293, our Fabulous Finnish Feline Fanatic who taught us how to say "cat lady" in Finnish:

We'd also like to welcome Canadian members: Cat Lady Luanne P. and veterinarian Dr. Katie J., both from Ottowa, Canada. An equal-opportunity pet lover, Luanne sells handmade and eco-friendly pet business items for both cats and dogs at her website Rusty-Dawg Pet Products.

From here in the states we welcome Cat Ladies Janet I., Sarah H, Jana B., Cheryl R., Alison R., Penny D., Debra G., Pamela L., Rose G. Susan H., Dianna G., Crystal B., Carol P., and Lisa W.

Be sure to carry your I.D. card in your wallet at all times to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are a certified feline fanatic, and always wear your club pin with pride. Remember that a dollar from each new membership goes to the Oregon Humane Society who does great work here, and last month we donated $30. In the rural Northwest there seems to be a high number of rescues from "hoarders" each year and the OHS has developed a great foster program to deal with these emergencies. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

It's easy to join the Card-Carrying Crazy Cat Lady Club! [Note: Memberships may be purchased until the end of today, and then shop will be closed for a 10-day vacation until March 24]. The membership kit includes a personalized I.D. Card, a members-only pinback button, Club Guidelines, and Club Creed. Gift memberships may also be purchased--just provide name, city, and hair color of the recipient. Find out more here:


-Anne- said...

Thank you for the welcome. Proud to be a member!

Christi said...

I wonder if it's ok to sign up someone we know for the club?

Also, I don't know if you're into this sort of thing, but I gave you and your blog an award!

Susan Faye said...

Christi--Thanks for the award! Although I don't actively participate in blog awards, I certainly do appreciate the recognition.

As for the Cat Lady Club, gift memberships are always welcome--all you need to do is provide the Cat Lady's name and location as you would like for it to appear on the card, plus her hair color. Thanks for asking!

Catherine said...

Your blog is so much fun ~ it's so colorful and all the wonderful pictures of cats and their people make me happy! :) Lovely!