January 2, 2010

Cat Lady Sandy...A Cat's Best Friend

Eleven-year-old Cisco (pictured on the left) was Cat Lady Sandy's very first cat. She found him crying in a garbage can when he was just a tiny kitten, and he has owned her heart ever since, and visa versa.

As good friend Flora reports: "Cisco is a one-woman cat and gets jealous when others vie for Sandy's attention. Cisco particularly likes supervising Sand
y's devotional reading time every morning because he gets her all to himself...Sandy is very devoted to her family and friends and spends most of her time focusing on the needs of others, so I think it is only right that at least one of God's creatures spends his time focused on her."

Kitty Cara showed up a couple of years ago to become the official outside cat, "but a run-in with some fanged neighborhood thugs last winter convinced her that life as an indoor cat had much to recommend it. Cisco and Cara now spend their days pretending the other doesn't exist."

This portrait may be the only time you ever see these two lucky adoptees in such close proximity!

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Loni Edwards said...

What two fun cats! I love the background story. Nice illo :)