January 4, 2010

Canine Cuties

You might have noticed that the title of this blog has been amended to "365 Cat Ladies and Friends." It has become apparent to me over the past year that Cat Ladies sometimes adore furry and feathered friends that are not of the feline persuasion.

I have enjoyed painting portraits that include bunnies, a parakeet, a hamster, many dogs, and even two chinchillas! I will be featuring some of these over the next few months, but you can also take a peek at them in this photo album:
Susan Faye Custom Portraits

This portrait of Karen and Andi was commissioned by Cat Lady Flora who tells us:

"Animal lover Karen and her husband Mike live in a wonderful old Victorian house that they've restored along with the help and supervision of their dogs, Andi, an Australian shepherd (pictured at left), and Jill, a Basenji.

"Andi is 14 but still pretty spry. She is brilliant. We all wish we were as smart as that dog. She has a herd -- Karen's budgies. She supervises feeding and notifies Karen when it is time for them to go to sleep.

"In her prime, Andi was a frisbee pro and performed at several of our local AAA baseball games. Karen is a master gardener and has created a stunning landscape in their back yard. Unfortunately Andi and Jill feel obliged to add their efforts by digging up plants on occasion, but Karen is unflappable and takes it in stride."

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Amy Sisson said...

I peeked at your gallery just now. Always makes me feel good to see our "family" in there with the others. And I can't believe how many you've fit into one portrait! Here I thought we were pushing it! ;-)

Pat said...

Love your style of painting :)