January 16, 2010

Cat Ladies In the News

Crazy Cat Lady Carm (aka Cat Lady No. 217) is at it again--She says that she has enjoys dressing up her eight great cats like humans, so guess what happened to new grandbaby Jonas? Look here for pics of the newest kitten in her life.

Get creative with some snail mail! Cat Lady Anne (aka Cat Lady No.80 ) is busy organizing the annual Postmarked show. Amateur and professional artists from around the world are asked to create Mail Art, then slap on some postage and send it on its way to the exhibit. Proceeds will benefit the Prison Library Project. Look here to see entries as they arrive and details on how you can participate: Postmarked 2010

It's a happy ending worthy of a fairy tale, with a princess to boot.
Cat Lady Carrie (aka Cat Lady No. 45) reports that she found photos of two of her former foster kittens, Suki and Oscar on Facebook and they are living the good life. Once-feral Suki is now treated like royalty and has the tiara to prove it. See the photographic evidence here on Carrie's blog: Remember Suki and Oscar?

Little Oliver, the newest member of
Cat Lady Sarah and Feline Fella Bill's furry family (aka Cat Lady No. 61 and Cat Lad No.170 ), needs your get well wishes today as he's having trouble throwing off an infection. Send some pawsitive thoughts his way!

Thank you to
Cat Lady Layla who has included me in her Cat Art of the Month feature in today's blog post!

Attention Cat Ladies and Lads! Do you have news to share? Send it to art@undertheoaks.net with "365 Cat Lady News" in the subject line.

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Sally Dean said...

Hey- I stumbled here through Manon Doyle- love the cat ladies!