October 14, 2009

Cat Lady No.283...The Most Special Cat

She was The Most Special One. She was a wisp of a cat with fur of midnight black velvet, and mittens of snowy white. Thin and agile and wiry, she fooled all but Cat Lady Susan into thinking she was an oh so young kitten of a girl, right up to the very end.

Melissa Mittens was the feisty type with a sly sense of humor, and loved to play hide and seek, politely taking turns being "It". She also possessed a fiery temper that was often unleashed on unsuspecting veterinary assistants who dared to utter baby talk to what appeared to be a sweet tiny wisp of feline beauty. If blood was to be drawn, it certainly wouldn't be Melissa's.

She was a superb mouser, taking great pride in her work, and would have worn mouse slippers if only she had a pair, or two.

She lived each and every one of her nine lives to the fullest, and sneered in the face of death eight times, including the humiliation of a life-threatening bite in the butt, a tumble in the clothes dryer, and being run over by her very own Catmom (who to this day is horrified and remorseful and grateful for Melissa's miraculous survival and for her forgiveness). By the time Melissa reached the ninth confrontation with death, she was still purring loudly and with great devotion, but ready to say goodbye after 14 years of loyal friendship.

That was a little over a year ago, and Cat Lady Susan would like to thank all of the wonderful Cat Ladies and Lads that she has had the pleasure of meeting over the past year! Sharing their stories about their fabulous felines has been a wonderful gift, and a daily reminder of what a treasure it is to have a special cat in your life! She looks forward to the many more stories to come!

Thanks for visiting!

Here we are in our much younger days--this is the very first Cat Lady painting that I ever painted! It is available as a limited edition print in my Etsy shop: Melissa and M

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Mimi said...

sorry you lost one of your fur friends!