October 19, 2009

Cat Lady No. 288...Caring for Cats

Cat Lady Chelsea shows off Cat Mom Princess and her two adorable kittens, all recently adopted from a local shelter. (Don't delay, neuter or spay!)

She has been enjoying reading all of the comments at the end of the 365 Cat Ladies Giveaway for October. Forty-one Feline Fanatics (and some felines!) have listed their favorite pet rescue and shelter organizations from far and wide:

Ragamuffin Owen and Kim Gibbons wrote: My favorite rescue is CSRA Happy Tails, Appling, GA. This December we'll run a Kibble for Kritters program using my hotel as a dropoff point for donations, all of which, stuff and cash, goes to Happy Tails. Worked very well last year, the shelter got loads of donations. We were all very happy!

Skeezix the Cat wrote: Our faverite rescue is Siamese Cats Rescue. I wood love to have a mini portrit of me and Mr Tasty Face!

Mitzie said: Hello! Don't know if you would consider shelters i
n other countries but I would like to give a shout out to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society :)

Artist Anne commented: My favorite shelter is the West End Shelter in Ontario CA. I have found my last 3 cuties there...and Tamayo is delighted to add his definite approval for this selection!

To find out details about the giveaway, visit this link: October Giveaway
Thanks for participating!

Just added to my Etsy Shop: three new Birdbrain Treasure Tins! Use for a catnip stash, for tiny treasures and trinkets, or as a candle holder--scented tea light candle included!

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