September 19, 2009

Cat Lady No. 259... Talkin Like a PurrRat

Arrrr, mateys, thar be bilge rats and rapscallions afoot. Cat Lady Sasparella and Second Matey Percy PurrRat be thinkin that all ye landlubbers best be gettin some learnin in the finer art of PurrRat Talkin, fer this day be "International Talk Like A Pirate Day".

Avast and hoist your sails fer these faraway and mysterious shores where thar be lessons and tips on such things:
Talk Like a Pirate Day
Meow Like a Pirate
Pirate Translator

If ye be a crew member of Facebook, set sail for th' bottom of yer FB page where it says English (or language of choice). Click and in the new window choose "English (Pirate) beta" fer yer language of choice and see what hilarious mischief ensues!

Here's to smooth sailin fer ya, me hearties!

This original ACEO watercolor illustration has just been listed for sale in my Etsy here:
Bewitched No. 8

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missbreezysbox said...

Hi Susan, I just became a fan on Facebook. I have been working on one for Breeze. She is my supervisor, she's here now. I love this piece. Nice job.