September 15, 2009

Cat Lady No. 255...A Lucky Lassie

Look lively, ye feline femmes, here be the rollickin results that ye bin waitin fer!

Yes, Cat Lady Lulu and her shipmate Captain Mackerel are getting all warmed up for Talk Like A Pirate Day and Meow Like a Pirate Day on Saturday, September 19.

In the mean time, they would like to announce the winner of the 365 Cat Ladies Septembe
r Giveaway No. 1.

A plethora of beguiling and bewitching names were suggested for Lulu's pal Nancy who wants t
o change her name. A random number generator was employed and comment no. 11 is the winner:

It's Danielle, who also just happens to be Cat Lady No. 122! Congratulations!

As Lulu might say, "Lady Fortune be smilin on yon lucky lassie for she'll be findin this fine satchel bestowed upon her by ye olde cargo carryin crew ".

Meanwhile, Cat Lady Nancy will be mulling over all of the suggestions, but is thinking there might need to be a second contest to come up with the winning name. Stay tuned...

Does your favorite feline friend enjoy wearing tricorne hats and eye patches while dreaming of bilge rats and sailing the seven seas? Then be sure to enter the "Meow Like a Pirate Contest" at The Cat's Meow Blog by Friday, Sept 18 for a chance to win great prizes!

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