September 14, 2009

Cat Lady No. 254...Maple Madness

Cat Lady Allison and her tabby cat mom Babs and Junior the Kitten think that there's nothing better than a beautiful maple tree, particularly this time of year.

Allison's favorite is the sugar
maple, because she is nuts about real maple syrup. She thought about making her own maple syrup last spring and looked into it: Making Your Own Maple Syrup. Upon reflection, she decided she'd rather just buy it at the local country store.

She did find some delicious recipes that use maple syrup however: Maple Syrup Recipes.

Babs doesn't think much of maple syrup but is of the opinion that maple trees make for some of the best climbing around. Junior doesn't know anything about that. He just loves those fluttering leafy things that keep falling and floating and begging to be pounced on.

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