June 2, 2009

Cat Lady No. 151...Crazy for Coral

Mermaid Cat Lady Coralee and Finny, her Cat Fish, are crazy about the beautiful coral reef they call home.

Did you know that coral is made up of millions of tiny organisms...According to The Blue Project these tiny organisms are the architects of "ancient habitats which have supported diverse sea life for more than 50 million years. And while these living organisms cover less than 1% of the Earth’s surface, they provide habitats for one out of every four of the world’s marine fishes"

"Today, coral reefs face an unprecedented crisis. In the last thirty years alone, more than 10% of these elaborate ecosystems have been destroyed. What’s more, researchers believe another 60% could perish by 2050 due to reef destruction, pollution, overfishing and climate change—all things within our control. Unless more is done to reverse this trend, entire ecosystems could literally collapse."

Gasp! Coralee and Finny need your help. Please support programs like the Blue Project....just click on the link to find out more...

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