June 1, 2009

Cat Lady No. 150...And the Winner Is...

Cat Lady Carina and Calico Cutie Millie would like to announce the winner of the 365 Cat Ladies Giveaway for May. The winner was determined in a highly scientific way...each name was assigned a number and then a computerized random number generator was enlisted to pick a number.

And the winner is: Cat Lady Amy Sisson!

Here was her comment about her favorite teacher: "My most memorable teacher was my high school German teacher in 10th grade. She had started her career as a social studies teacher, but her husband was career Army, so she ended up in Germany and eventually became a German teacher. She encouraged me to apply for an exchange student scholarship -- and I spent my high school junior year in Germany as a result! This inspired a love of languages and travel.

"It also ties in to Cat Lady 141 / Cassie -- because it was in Germany that one of my teachers there got me into reading science fiction, which really changed my life!"

Not only is Amy is the proud adoptive mom to a number of lucky cats, she is also a book reviewer, a librarian, AND a published science fiction writer! Please visit Amy's website and blogs to find out more about this talented Feline Fanatic:

http://www.amysisson.com (writing website)
http://stockingstufferaday.blogspot.com/ (stocking stuffer blog)

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