March 14, 2009

Cat Lady No. 73...Bink's Waltz

Neurosurgeon Jamie Jo rescued this handsome white cat from a local animal shelter and named him Galahad. She thinks that whoever abandoned him should have their head examined...!

Jamie Jo and Galahad recently joined the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of Waltzing with Cats (SPAWSCats). Jamie Jo has always been a fan of the King Of Ragtime, Scott Joplin (1868 - 1917), black pianist and composer. But she was surprised to learn that he also wrote incredibly beautiful and wistful waltzes. They include: Bethena Waltz, Harmony Club Waltz , Pleasant Moments, and Bink's waltz, which is
Gallahad's purrsonal favorite!

Visit THE WALTZING CAT and you'll be able to listen to Bink's Waltz; you'll also find dance instruction, Official Cat Waltzing Apparel, plus much, much more to enhance your Cat Waltzing experience.

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