February 5, 2009

Cat Lady No. 36....More Waltzing

Cat Lady Celina and her feline, Felina, long ago decided it might be fun to join a few clubs. They formed the Celina Felina Mutual Admiration Society, membership: two.

They were so pleased with their new club that they never bothered to join any other groups. That is, until now.

Recently, Celina's next door neighbor Rhonda invited them to join the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of Waltzing with Cats, also commonly referred to as the Cat Waltzing Society.

Read Rhonda's story here: RHONDA'S STORY

So Celina and Felina decided to give it a whirl and they haven't stopped whirling since...

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1 comment:

High On Craft said...

Dear Celina,
I envy you and your mutual admiration society that you have formed with Felina. If I were to form such a society with my cats I'm afraid the admiring would be more one-sided. I'd have to call it the "One-sided Admiration with the rare occurrence of admiration by other members but on their own terms Society". Membership - 3.