January 8, 2009

Cat Lady No. 8...The State Cat of Maine

Cat Lady Nadine believes there's nothing more beautiful than her Maine Coon Tabby Cat, Horatio, even though he's actually from Dover, the capital of Delaware. That's where Nadine found him abandoned in the school yard of the middle school where she teaches Geography.

Today's lesson is about state capitals and Horatio is fascinated to learn that the city of Augusta is the capital of Maine. It seems that Portland was originally chosen as the state capital, but the capital was moved to Augusta in 1832 because Augusta was more centrally located. Furthermore, Portland was considered by some to be too close to the sea and thereby could be attacked more easily (by marauding Cat Pirates? Horatio wonders...).

The Maine Coon is the Official State Cat of Maine, and Horatio hopes to travel there one day to visit the land of his ancestors...

To find out more about Maine Coon cats, here is a useful website: Maine Coon Cats

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Chris said...

fine cats those maine cats are, frequently mistaken for meatloaf however.