November 16, 2013

Custom Kitty Portrait, Step By Step

As part of my "Bouquet From The Cat" Kickstarter Project, I am offering custom portraits of your very own kitty dearest (or that of a loved one).  Here is how I create them,  step-by-step.

First I take a look at a photo of the subject (or you may provide a really good description of the subject). You can see that Tamayo, a dear departed "nephew" of mine, was an especially handsome subject. If you look at his eyes you will see why he was an extra-special feline...

Then the recipient chooses the type of bouquet (tulips, roses, carnations, sunflowers, etc).  Here we're going with the mixed bouquet and this is the black-and-white line drawing that will be used. Using my computer, I add the kitty dearest's name (the copyright watermark will not appear on the original):

 Next, the recipient chooses the background colors, and I fill them in on my computer.  I print this part out onto watercolor paper using high quality inks:

With watercolor paints, I re-create Tamayo's distinctive markings:

The recipient also gets to pick out the color of the vase...

 ...and the flowers!

 Most important is capturing Tamayo's sweet pink bunny-nose and ears, plus those extra-special "odd eyes":

Finally,  I use my waterproof black pen to make an extra embelishment around his name and sign the artwork.

 Ta-da! It's ready for framing!


We still have a little over 2 weeks to go on my Kickstarter project, and here are two ways that you can help me reach my goal and ensure that the project gets funded:

1. By making a pledge if you haven't already (you'll get to choose "Bouquet" cat art rewards like notecards, prints or custom cat portraits like Tamayo's!).

2. By spreading the word and sharing my Kickstarter project with all of your favorite crazy cat ladies and cat guys through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc...Here is the link to share:

Thanks again for supporting my creative endeavors... 
It means a lot to me!

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