April 10, 2013

Jinx the Cat... Snazzy Rat Endorsement #1

Market research is one of the important responsibilities of my studio assistants Buttonwillow and Inka. With that in mind, they recently sent Snazzy Rat prototypes to a few of their friends to get some valuable feedback.  Here is a consumer report from Jinx the Cat on the "LaLa Land"  Snazzy Rat model.  Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Jinx now resides in Monmouth, Oregon, with his humans Tina and James.  

Hi I'm Jinx.
I was once a mild-mannered feline who had never been exposed to the enticements of herbs.  That is, until I received a LaLa land Snazzy Rat toy filled with something called organic catnip. 
"LaLa Land"
I'm not sure what it did to my brain, but I went berserk trying to get that stuff out of the rat, even resorting to my very best bunny kicksI was transformed into a wild jungle beast trying to rip apart my helpless prey.
photos courtesy of Tina W.
It was useless, but I had fun trying.  Once I exhausted myself and turned back into a mild-mannered domestic cat, I found that the Snazzy Rat made a really great pillow, producing surprisingly sweet dreams.

You ought to get yourself one. You can reserve one by making a pledge at my Aunt Susan's Kickstarter Campaign, which is in full swing.  She's raising money to buy the materials to make lots more of these Snazzy Rats.  Trust me, this catnip stuff is the best! 

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Karren Haller said...

Hi Susan, I saw the post on Snazzy Rats and then lost it, glad I receive your updates. I have 2 cats I bet one of them would enjoy them. I am going to check out the reserve. Thanks and hope you have a great day! Oh! My Heartsie WW w/Linky
Have a great week!

curator said...

A thrilling post and a continually exciting project!!