May 15, 2012

Those Delicious Redheads of the Cat World

artwork copyright 2012 Susan Faye
Does your heart belong to a stripey-orange-hued cat? The official designation for this color is "red", but even if you describe your delicious cat as orange, ginger, marmalade, cinnamon, apricot, pumpkin or peach, there is no doubt that these lovable redheads of the cat world have a special place in the hearts of their Cat Ladies and Lads...
And there is no better ambassador for ginger cats everywhere than Cecil, a handsome cat who showed up at the door of Cat Lady Rose eight years ago. There is no telling where Cecil will turn up next! A bit of a clown, he loves to mug it up for the camera, and Rose's photos of him never fail to crack me up.  Here are a few examples:

"I thought you said the cutest mugs go on top..."- photo copyright Rose Gates

Sometimes Cecil Gets A Big Head - photo copyright Rose Gates

Purrfect Fit- photo copyright Rose Gates

Cool Cat- photo copyright Rose Gates

Unsinkable Cecil- photo copyright Rose Gates
"CATsserole" copyright Rose Gates

To find out more about Cecil's favorite cat rescue organization, please visit Angelcat Haven

Are YOU lucky enough to share your domicile with a ginger cat? Then it's time to show off!  You are invited to share photos of your little darlings on my Facebook page this week:

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Martine said...

those pictures are just too cute!! Cecil is a gorgeous cat!

Fisher and Staff said...

Cecil is a real ham. How adorable and so funny.

Patchy Meow said...

Cecil, you are like my brother Sooty, you can find him in some really odd places. Cecil you are one cute kitty.
^ ^

Vitgo said...

Oh my goodness - he's a dumpling! Love these photos. My special someone is the colors of a goose but I did run into a magnificent orange cat the other day while showing a property. One of the best parts about my "real" job as a real estate agent is the chance to meet so many cats - they're all indoors nowadays. This orange hunk was so huge my cat - who I think of as pretty decent size - could have walked right under him. He was an awesome cat!

crownring said...

Oh, how I love ya, Cecil! LOL! But do stay out of the casserole or you just might become a catsserole!