May 28, 2012

NEW! Mini Meditation "Stones" for Nature Lovers

There's nothing like walking through the woods or stargazing on a mountain top to wash away worries and to rejuvenate one's soul.
Wishing Star

But sometimes when we need it most, we can't get away to commune with nature.
 ...Perhaps you're stuck in traffic...
...The baby won't stop crying...
...The boss needs you to work overtime this weekend...
...The cat just ate your prize fern and is looking a little green... 

Sounds like you could use a mini meditation vacation!  That's why I've created my brand new  glass "Meditation Stone" paperweights. They are designed to brighten your day, one happy thought at a time.

On the front you'll a peaceful mountain landscape. 
Crescent Moon

 On the back is an inspirational suggestion such as "dream by moonbeam..." or "wish awhile upon a star". 

 Just follow the simple instructions in the mini booklet included with the stone, and allow yourself to be whisked away to a magical place of relaxation and beauty, if only for just a moment or two. When not being used for a mini meditation, this glass paperweight will serve to brighten your desk and batten down any wayward memos.
Your glass "stone" and the instruction booklet will arrive in a cotton-lined kraft paper box, ready for gift-giving. A nice gift idea for your Dad, a Grad, or a favorite hiking buddy, nature lover, or star gazer! 

Each paperweight measures 2" x 3" and features four "bumpers" on the bottom so that your furniture will not be scratched.

Full Moon Mountain

There are four different designs to choose from. 
 All currently available in my Etsy Shop.  Enjoy!

Mountain Moonrise                                                                                                                                                

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